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From meditations, relaxations, white noises, sleep stories to all sort of techniques


Psychological tests from DSM-5 and from our professional psychologists

Psychological Counseling

Hundreds of psychological counselors online for instant video counseling


AI diagnoses, FaceTime diagnoses, find your comfortable way for advices



Corporate package designed for businesses that care for their employee's mental health


Ready to meditate/consult in metaverse? Just imagine doing it with waterfall behind you

​Find your
Inner Peace

The most trending relaxation technique,

Proven to help you relax, focus, and sleep better

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Relax, focus, and sleep better


mindfulness meditation, yoga session, sleep story, and white noise music.


work, stress, emotion, relationship issues, speak to a professional anywhere and anytime.

Exclusive Benefits

exclusive classes, mentors, workshops hosted by professionals.

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The trending relaxation technique

Just five minutes a day could help 

relax, focus, and sleep better!

Licensed Therapists

couchspace app provides numerous professionals. Simply pick your favourites, book online, and talk online! 

Grow together

Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Samsung..

Bill Gates, Kobe, Modanna, Kobe..

join 500 million meditators worldwide!

Feared of being labeled? ​

how would others see me?

Each time you meditate or book a session,

the little tree grows with you and you can redeem prizes once it blossoms!

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