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workplace happiness,
​comes from within.

employee well-being, corporate culture & social responsibility.

The most comprehensive mental health tool for employees.

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Relax, focus, and sleep better

hundreds of relaxing music, from mindfulness meditation, yoga session, sleep stories, and white noise music to help employees relax.

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work-related stress, depression, anxiety, find your counselor with the most comprehensive EAP system.

app online counseling

1+1 lecture + workshop all in one session. Bring knowledge in to practices. Choose from different mental health related topics + mindfulness practices. 

corporate workshop

want to know what everyone's listening to lately? Turn big data into your next strategy for employee care!

corporate big data

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The trending way to relax

Just five minutes of it will help you relax, focus, and sleep better!

Meditate with 500 million people around the world!

Professional counseling

couchspace app provides numerous licensed therapists. Simply book online and talk anywhere & anytime!

Grow together

Encourage each other and grow together.

Join meditation competitions, compete with your colleges!

Google, Meta (Facebook), Apple, Tiktok, Samsung...

Bill Gates, Kobe, Modanna, and more are practicing

Mindfulness meditation has been proven to benefit your health.

fear of being labeled?

​don't want to be seen by your manager?

Each time you meditate or book a session, you will be watering the "the little tree"

Redeem prizes when it blossoms!

All-inclusive solution

Not only do we provide app as employee solution but also do we have alot of other services, such as group classes, customized conferences, certificates, exclusive Line group set up, data analysis, and so on. 

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Unlock the A-team 

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​Join couchspace now

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Find out what your team needs by analyzing 

app usage! unlock your employee's potential!

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