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C-Pass access benefits

Present your premium membership of couchspace app to get exclusive discounts!

Let couchspace take care of your body, mind, and soul at once

Member Exclusive

The health industry is booming. In order to take care of the body, mind, and soul more comprehensively, couchspace has cooperated with many channels to better provide you with the solution you need

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​ Present the member page of couchspace app at checkout, if you are a premium member, you can get exclusive channel discounts. 

Amaterasu 天照打地墊: 10% off when booking a rug

欣宇音療中心: 40/60 Share 5% off Personal  Appointments 

​亞歷山大學院: Up to 20% off one-to-one lessons and group lessons

​​ 多一點善良工作室: 20% off 90 minutes of mindful companionship

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